He Waka Tapu

A Kaupapa Māori organisation delivering mental health and AOD services in Canterbury.

Services are delivered using a kaupapa Māori framework encompassing Tinana (physical well-being), Wairua (spiritual well-being), Hinengaro (mental well-being), Whānau (family well-being).

We have:

  • Te Pā Tipu/Community services
  • Whānau Intervention services
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs services
  • Kia Piki Te Ora – Suicide Prevention services
  • Mauri Ora Experience
  • 0800 HeyBro (0800 439 276)

There is a formal referral process which must be completed before accessing any services. For further information about He Waka Tapu, check out the website https://www.hewakatapu.org.nz/ or call us on 0800 HE WAKA (43 9252) and/or email reception@hewakatapu.org.nz.


Daryl Gregory (Tainui) is founder of He Waka Tapu and Chairman of the Board. Daryl is also  a current Board member of CASA (Clinical Advisory Services Aotearoa) and holds deputy chair positions with national provider collective Jigsaw, and Nga Hau e Wha Marae – the national marae located in Christchurch.

“I was originally working for organization called ‘Kia Pakari,’ which was a Maori Men’s Stopping Violence Programme. For some reasons that closed and then I was approached by a woman called Philippa Joggings from Corrections and she asked if I’d be willing to take on a contract specifically targeted at working with Māori men and domestic violence.

After a year, we decided that to do this properly we needed a structure and organisation. We set up a trust and I thought about the name and philosophy behind that trust, and we came up with He Waka Tapu. Here we are 20 years later.

It’s come a long way and that’s down to a lot of good people and I realize that’s what it’s about. You have to have good people. People that have a heart that believe that people can change and want to change. I think if you do not have that sort of passion or belief then you are probably in the wrong job because you are working with a very hard clientele. Giving people hope. Helping them to plant the right seed that they can see a future for themselves is really what it’s about.

That is what He Waka Tapu is about, sailing towards your destination and the vision that you want to create.”

He Waka Tapu




Postal Address: PO Box 15037, Christchurch

"That is what He Waka Tapu is about, sailing towards your destination and the vision that you want to create."

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