Pay Equity

This page outlines Platform's role in supporting pay equity processes for employers working in the mental health and addiction NGO and community sector. Have any further questions about pay equity? Contact us at admin@platform.org.nz.

Pay Equity

August 2023

The PSA, NZNO, and E Tū unions have taken a pay equity claim against a representative group of 15 employers of care and support workers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It is anticipated that if and when a pay equity settlement is reached, the Government will look at extending the benefits of any settlement to workers performing the same work in the wider care and support sector.

This frequently asked questions provides information about the Care and Support Workers Pay Equity Claim - including background to the claim, progress and next steps, and potential future impacts for employers and their staff in the wider sector.

You can read the frequently asked questions here.

Why is achieving pay equity for care and support workers important?