COVID-19 and Deaf mental health and addiction

Support for the Deaf community during Covid-19

  1. A Facebook page has been set up by the Deaf community called: Deaf Positive NZ.  This page has been set up to offer a way for the Deaf community to connect with each other during the lockdown by hosting online activities, exercise, art, story telling etc.) and offering online informal and formal supports for Deaf people across NZ.
  2. Deaf Aotearoa’s Hauora service is a nationwide service that understands and responds to Deaf and hard-of-hearing people’s needs. The Hauora service offers: needs assessment and coordination; applications for assistive equipment; information and advice -
  3. Deaf Aotearoa are hosting the most up to date accessible information in New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) for the Deaf community about the evolving Covid-19 situation. For more information go here:
  4. WWW.COVIDNZSL.INFO | Bringing it all together! This is a website which has been set up for the New Zealand Deaf community, to find, share and create content related to COVID-19. This includes all the latest updates and a livestream page with an up-close shot of the NZSL interpreter during daily live-streaming sessions, and open calls for NZSL translations of news, articles, and radio programmes – to ensure that Deaf peoples' knowledge around COVID-19 is on a par with that of the hearing community.


Other Deaf mental health and addiction work