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Platform | Atamira's icons for the new website

platform icons

Platform|Atamira is pleased to have secured the services of Delwyn Hakaria (Ngati Raukawa ki te Tonga, Tainui) to create some of the icons for our website. Here is a breakdown of each icon. 

Leading change

This designs depicts change – for change to occur many voices need to be heard, many views need to be put forward. This designs captures there are always two sides to every discussion. The many koru are representative of the diversity that brings change. 

Strategic partnership

This design depicts strategic partnership. The positive space creates a Koruru pattern - a head  (Strategic Thinking). The negative space creates two people representing (Partnership).

Community development

This design depicts our community services and its diversity. The Koru pattern is also representative of the many voices and views we cater for in this sector.


Community development

The Koru represents many things, and in this case, it depicts growth. The three koru all link together which unites a community to thrive and develop in this sector.


Campaigning for change

Advocacy for change has been depicted using the Niho Taniwha design. Communication at many levels and sharp talking leads to change.


Deaf mental health and addiction

Deaf mental health and addiction is depicted with the Kao Kao design. This design is usually found in the four corners of a house representing the protection of all within the house. The four pillars are the foundation to build onto.



The Koru design represents many things, and, in this case, it depicts direction for new growth.

Political advocacy

Political Advocacy is depicted utilizing the Niho Taniwha design, (the teeth of the taniwha). In this case the taniwha represents strength and kaitiakitanga, which Platform Trust represents in this sector. 


Workforce development

The koru is a symbol which represents growth. The three koru represent the past, the present and the future. The sector understands what needs to take place to function in a healthy and productive workforce.


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