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Policy and Procedures Template library

Policy and Procedures Template library

Policy and Procedures Template library

The Library's purpose is to provide a simple way for community NGO Mental Health and Addiction providers to access best practice quality improvement templates.

These policy and procedures templates are designed to be downloaded and used as needed. For example, you can either:

  • Use the templates as they are
  • Modify the templates to best fit your own organisational needs
  • Use parts of the templates to enhance your existing policies / documents.

The aim of these best practice policy and procedure templates is to save time so organisations can invest time implementing the principles and procedures of the templates rather than having to create their own set of documents.

As the host, Platform|Atamira aims to help raise quality standards across the sector in New Zealand, resulting in less issues at audit time and/or less corrective actions resulting from audits.


The policy and procedure templates in this library were developed by a collaborative and inclusive effort amongst the Northern Region mental health and addiction services, overseen by the Navigate North network and supported by the NRA (Northern Regional Alliance) group. The templates were written by Gisela-Sarah Harnisch who has provided auditing compliance advice and support to the sector over the last twenty years. A Working Group reviewed the draft policy and procedure templates, provided feedback and approved the final versions of the templates. Platform Trust agreed to host the Library in 2018.

Legislation and library management

All templates have been developed to comply with legislative requirements, and relevant quality improvement guidelines and standards. The templates in this Library will be monitored and updated as required so they continue to meet legislative requirements, relevant standards and best practice guidelines.

Please note: While every effort is made to keep the policy and procedure templates and related information on this website up to date, organisations themselves must ensure all policies and procedures implemented within their respective organisation comply with all legislative and contract requirements.

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Policy and Procedures Template library - Policy and Procedures Template library | Platform Trust


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